Your reprieve from the familiar…



I’ve always been the other woman, in the periphery of reality. I am yours in passing, wearing a reminiscent smile, and a craving for the unconventional. I am the brunette stranger whose eye contact you hold, and later plays in your imagination…

… which brings us here. Its no coincidence that you have found me. Aside from a statuesque, 5’9” stature, long legs, and classic looks, you will find that I possess a dynamic existence with a zest for excitement and sensuality, as well as a down to earth cheekiness.

Never content with the ordinary and mundane, I made my debut as a luxury date and travel companion as a means of self exploration. Entering this world has allowed me a wonderful fluidity between the conventional and demimonde.


I extend my beauty, intellect  and my engaging and vivacious personality to entertain with an intuitive ease, and relish being in tune with the inclinations and desires of another. An elegant, cultivated young woman, adorned with striking dark eyes, and pillowy lips that lead to a smile as warm as my gaze, I hope to leave you with a smile long after our hellos and goodbyes…

I enjoy an eclectic lifestyle with passions in several entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as time with those I love. I am predominately based in Pittsburgh, as a student, or dreaming of my next excursion. I adore the luxuries that this life has to offer and as such, I prefer to keep my circle small, and revel in the exploration of the truly sincere, discerning soul.







HEIGHT: 5’9”










 I love short and sweet dates, as they are the ideal way to punctuate a busy day, however I adore longer dates as they foster a deeper connection and allow for more leisure. There is something to be said for a slow burn romance...

Dinner dates, overnights, travel dates, as well as social dates are always a wonderful option! I offer benefaction quotes for social dates and longer travel arrangements upon request. Click on the package of your choice, and it will go straight to my reservations page. Please consult me via email (rather than via booking form) for dates 6hr+, or for custom options. (contactelamouroux@protonmail.ch)

1 Hour: $500

1.5 Hour: $650

2 Hours: $750

3 Hours: $900

4 Hours: $1050

6 Hours: $1200*

12 Hours: $2500*

24 Hours: $3000*

48 Hours: $5000*





  • Rates for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City are $100 on top of regular rates UNLESS you pre-book AND Deposit.

  • Rates for Chicago, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and Indianapolis are the same as Pittsburgh rates. There is incentive to Pre-book (-$25) and Prebook and deposit, which is (-$50)

  • I offer a $25 discount should you make an appointment request through P411.

  • In general, pre-bookings (Pre-bookings and deposit for L.A, SF, and NYC) and longer dates take priority.

  • Deposits are accepted via cashapp, giftrocket, venmo, and amazon giftcard. Paypal is only accepted if I have seen you at least 3 times. When sending deposit, PLEASE DO NOT put anything in the memo section.

  • My rates are non-negotiable and are expected at the start of date. Kindly place the fee for my time in an obvious place, or in a book if in public. (Please do not make me ask for it)

  • Please note that I require transportation be covered for outcall locations. I will give you a quote to cover my transportation.

  • Kink/Bdsm themed shoots incur an additional fee of $200

  • Santorini themed model shoots require an additional fee of $300

  • Couple shoots require an additional fee of $300

  • Any reservation of 12+ hours while touring requires a 25% deposit.

  • By contacting me, you agree that my benefaction is for my time spent atmosphere modeling only, and that anything else that may occur is at the discretion of consenting adults and is not accounted for.



Cancellation Policy

  • In my home city, Pittsburgh, I require 12 hours notice for a cancellation.

  • For touring, cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a 25% fee.

  • Should you have to cancel with less than the specified notice, please adhere to my policies and pay the necessary cancellation fee. I do not relish in having to add your name to a national blacklist, so please do not make it necessary.



Ready to book?



I will be updating and and asking current friends to write more recent reviews here.


*Please note that the following are the only platforms that I allow reviews on. Any other platforms/scraper sites I do not acknowledge/use. In addition, because they are scraper sites, I cannot account for their accuracy/verify that they were written by actual clients of mine.

*If you should choose to review me, kindly let me know, and please try to leave a tame review (meaning not explicit/incriminating.).

*I no longer utilize TER, as the platform itself went down for U.S. providers, and at this point, the reviews that I had on there are from March of 2018 and earlier, so they would not be recent anyways. If it is a reassurance, prior to delisting/the site going down, I had an average score of 10/10.


Etiquette /FAQ

Here I address common questions. If you should have a question that is not already detailed, please feel free to email me (contactelamouroux@protonmail.ch) or submit a curious cat question (Click HERE)



 Q:Why do you not show your face in your advertising/photos?

A: I conceal my face for my privacy and for yours. I have future career aspirations beyond this industry. Additionally, I feel that if my face is out there, and somebody should see you with me and make the connection, it is a lack of discretion for you as well.

Q: Do you accept Reviews/testimonials?

A: Yes, I do accept reviews/testimonials. Please let me know, should you choose to review me, and only review me on the platforms that I list, as I feel that they are the most reputable platforms.

Q:What type of services do you Provide?

A: I only provide atmosphere modeling and companionship. Never discuss or imply any sexual acts via email, phone nor face-to-face. Legally, I cannot and will not discuss or agree to any type of solicitation. No tip or fee of any kind will be quoted, negotiated, or collected in exchange for any sexual acts. As an atomosphere model companion, I get compensated only for my time and company. Even if you have passed my screening, your booking will be canceled immediately if you attempt to discuss illegal services.

Q:Do you provide ABC and XYZ?

A: I find the "Menu" question unsavory. Each date is unique and everything that unfolds between us is based on my comfort, your hygiene, and our chemistry. I am extremely open-minded and love to let loose, but only with the right Gentleman. Those who ask about specific acts or use vulgar language will be politely ignored. Please read over my glowing reviews , shoot reservation options(and fine print) and candid Twitter page to get a better idea of what I offer and who I am.

Q:How can I trust you with such personal information?

A: I understand it can be nerve-racking, but you have my promise that I will honour your privacy and your personal information will be handled with the utmost care and discretion. With pre-screening I only ask for the bare minimum amount of information needed to safely and comfortably spend time with a new friend (a.k.a. a complete stranger). I have worked hard to create a verifiable web presence to give you piece of mind and I have no desire to damage my glowing reputation within the industry. I am open to signing a non-disclosure contract, however complete initial screening will still be required. I have been a true confidante to many high-profile clients.

Q:What do you typically wear on a date?

A: It would really depend on what we were doing. I have a huge closet with tons of stylish clothing options, from classy form fitting dresses to casual trousers and cute tops. I always dress appropriately for the occasion. I only take certain outfit requests -if I am uncomfortable or don't feel sexy, it affects the whole dynamic of the date. Always discreetly dressed with sexy sophistication in a subtle manner on top, my lingerie underneath will leave you floored every time. My favourite outfits are photographed and posted in my VIP members page. If you see something you like please let me know and I will gladly bring it along and if you feel I would look good in something else, please feel free to bring it along with you.

Q:Do you have any tattoos?

A: No.

Q:Are those your real pictures?

A: Yes, they are one thousand percent really truly me. In a world where digitally altered pictures have become the norm I can understand the skepticism and assure you my pictures are a perfect representation of how I look in real life (current day). All of my images were taken specifically for the purpose of this website. I am constantly updating my visuals and absolutely adore modeling and being able to capture my beauty and share it with my established clients. There is a much more extensive visuals gallery in the VIP members page.

Q: How should I prepare for our date?

A: I spend a lot of time and effort preparing for our time together; please return the favour and be a clean, well-groomed, and minty-fresh companion. I understand sometimes it's not possible for everyone to have showered immediately prior to arriving so I always keep my facilities stocked with fresh towels and manly smelling shower gels. During outcalls I would expect you to have taken care of your grooming needs shortly prior to my arrival

Q: May I record videos or take pictures when we meet?

A: Absolutely Not. I am a very private person, and taking pictures or filming a video is not allowed under any circumstances. I have an expectation of privacy during our time together.

Q: What if I would like to extend our time together during our date?

A: I would be delighted to spend more time with you! If you wish to do so, please let me know right away and take care of the additional reservation benefaction right away.

Q: I've met you... should I say "Hi" if I see you in public?

A: As I mentioned before, I am a very private person. Please, do not approach me in public as I could be with friends/family and it could create an uncomfortable situation for me. Even if it looks like I am alone, I may not be. If I see you in public, you should expect the same behavior from me. Privacy is very important for me. Always feel free to send me a quick text or email letting me know that you saw me.

Q: I've met you and have your contact information... may I call to make a date?

A: I do not wish to receive phone calls unless absolutely necessary to coordinate our meeting, however, please feel free to send me a text message or email to inquire about my availability.

Q: Are you open to long term arrangements?

A: Yes. Please inquire.

Q: How do I make a booking?

A: To request a booking, please refer to the reservations form (Click link) or feel free to email me! Additionally, I accept booking requests via P411.

Q: Do you accept reviews/testimonials?

A: Yes. Please ask, and let me know what platform you are reviewing me on. Additionally, remember to provide my email address (contactelamouroux@protonmail.ch) within the review.



Gifts are never expected, but are a kind gesture that is always appreciated! :)

Should you be sending e gift cards, please send them to my gmail address : contactelamouroux@gmail.com. For some reason Protonmail is odd about that sort of thing.

 My favourite things


  • Amazon

  • Delivery Code

  • Net-a-Porter


  • Honey Birdette

  • Bordelle

  • Bluebella

  • Agent Provacateur

  • Nordstrom


  • Flowers of any sort… surprise me! :)


  • American Airlines and United gift cards

  • Hotels.com/AirBnb gift cards


  • Dark chocolate

  • Amazon gift cards

  • Sephora gift cards

IMG_0025_eZy Watermark_11-03-2019_06-10-16PM.jpeg


I absolutely love to travel, and try to tour as often as possible. Given that I have just finished my last semester of my undergraduate degree at this time, my travel ability will be more flexible, thus i will be expanding my tours this summer and fall. Be sure to check my Reservations Form (Click) for specific times on days.


  • 16-28: Pittsburgh, Pa (Strip District/Downtown)

  • 29-31: Kentucky (Available in Lexington, Louisville)


  • 1-4: Fly-Me-To-You/ Pittsburgh, Pa (Strip District/Downtown)

  • 5-9: Chicago, Il (Magnificent Mile)

  • 10: Pittsburgh, Pa (Strip District/Downtown)

  • 11-28: Fly-Me-To-You/ Pittsburgh, Pa (Strip District/Downtown)

  • 29-31: UNAVAILABLE



  • 2-9: TBD

  • 10-11: Pittsburgh, Pa (Strip District/Downtown)

  • 12-15: UNAVAILABLE

  • 16: Pittsburgh, Pa (Strip District/Downtown)

  • 17-30: TBD

October-December: TBD

Reservations and Screening

So you've decided we are destined to meet! If you have a concrete day/time in mind, please feel free to fill out my reservation form! If not, I am happy to prescreen you for future!



Before you book:

  • Proceed with confidence, as I take confidentiality very seriously, and do not retain screening information beyond basic verification.

  • I utilize this scheduling form to expedite the verification and scheduling process. Upon submitting the form, I will send a quick confirmation (via your preferred contact method) in a timely manner, and will make the arrangements for our rendezvous. Generally, I send a final confirmation the night before or early morning the day of. Should you have additional questions between when you make this reservation and our date, or need to change details, get in touch via email, rather than submitting another form.

  • Please be sure to familiarize yourself with my cancellation policy, should you need to make changes or cancel your reservation. Once you make a reservation request, an email will immediately be sent to you with the details of your reservation, as well as the ability to modify the reservation. Be sure that the first email on the form is the email that you want all of our future communications sent to.

  • Reservation requests for new friends will be held tentatively, until verification is completed. Generally I prioritize returning friends and longer bookings. If you would like to pre-screen, but not book a reservation at this time, please consult the prescreening form at the very bottom of this page.

  • Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to be in touch via email (contactelamouroux@protonmail.ch).

    Should you prefer to book via email rather than my booking form, Please include the following:

  • Date/Time

  • City we meet in/location (incall or outcall (if outcall, specify address)

  • Reservation type you are interested in (2hrs, 3hrs, etc +any add-ons)

  • Your Name

  • Your preferred email

  • Screening info (P411 client ID, 3 Provider references, Government Issued ID, or Employment Verification.)

  • Any questions or requests you may have!





Reservation Form





I offer the option to prescreen, so that in future, when you would like to book, the process is much faster, your request is prioritized, and lastly, I can guarantee your reservation more quickly. Upon verifying you, I will confirm via email, and I will have your contact info (only first name, and email) on record as verified. Beyond that information, I do not retain screening information.

Name *
Please list where you reside.
I have 4 screening options. Please choose one of the options, and provide the information in the next box. 1. 3 references from reputable, independent providers. Please list website, email/phone, and any links to social media/advertising platforms that they utilize, as well as what contact information they would know you by. 2. P411 Client ID 3. Unobscured photo of government issued ID such as drivers license or passport. (You can either upload it below, or send it via email. 4. Discreet employment screening. Please list relevant items such as company website, your position in company, work email, LinkedIn profile, etc.
Please list the relevant information for whichever screening method you chose. If you chose government ID, please email it to me at contactelamouroux@gmail.com
Please write down cities of interest, as well as possible dates for said cities here. (It can be anytime in 2019) This helps me plan my future travel, and prioritize certain cities. If you don't have a specific city of interest, simply put "N/A". Thank You! :)